L.P. 650

יצרן: א.צ. שיווק

מוסף התקשות לבטון התזה "שוטקריט"

גוון: צהבהב

אריזה: מיכלים של 1000 ליטר

Causes fast setting

Little reduction of the final strength

Accelerates the work process by allowing a layer thickness of 15 to 20 cm per work


Reduces dust formation


Shotcrete applied by dry or wet spraying

Stabilization in tunnel construction and mining

Temporary rockface stabilizations

Hillside stabilizations

Density    -   Approx.. 1.37   Kg/dm  

 Recommended Dosage   -   40-70   ml   Per kg of cement  

Allowed dosage for shotcrete according to DIN1855  - -70 ml      Per kg of cement   

Before L.p. 650 is used, the entire dosing equipment must be thoroughly

cleaned with a lot of water 

L.p. 650 is a liquid, alkli-free setting accelerator for shotcrete applied by dry or wet


The dosage on the concrete and ambient temperatures, as well as on the desired

curing behavior and the reactivity of the used cement.

To achieve an optimum result we recommend the use of fresh cement

Other criteria for the effectiveness are the type and composition of the aggregates

and additives' as well as the water/cement ratio

L.p. 650 is added at the nozzle piston pumps are not suitable for dosing. no filter must

be used for the suction tube, to avoid blockage  .A constant and accurate dosing must

be ensured.

After long term storage it is recommended to agitate Lp 650 with pressurized air t 
.facilitate dosage


Lp650 must not be stored in steel containers. The storage containers must be closed tightly.
.All necessary suitability tests must be performed before use